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I'm just about to upload a recording of West Bank for C64. When I play the recording back I notice that the screen after the 3 man duel where it says which day you are about to play only stays onscreen for a split second, and not as long as in the game itself. I noticed that with the inbetween level teller in Rainbow Islands aswell. Is that something that XSplit edit out, as there isn't any action on screen, and not much graphics going on? I find this weird :)

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never had that yet, dude.

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I have used many recording programs and I have encountered simulair issues with lots of different games. I have also learned that if your system can not handle the recordinng to well the issues are more common. My thought is graphics overlap graphics and the graphics card sends the same info to the monitor as it does fraps or what ever you use. Now if momory if full when recording info must go to virtual memory and then be retreaved and then recorded. This can lead to errors such as not adding a specific graphic yet the graphic behind still loads and there you have it. I could be wrong but I have some programing knoledge and I have programed bits of a game that had been abandon. Anyway I'm letting you know its quite common. Its kinda like UNF. and INP. files which record code and if there clock time is off well the playback is compleatly wrong.

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Sounds plausible. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to stuff like that. Good thing is that it's only the inbetween levels screens that are missing smiley

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if you are using X-Split free version then that is only recording at 25 frames per second (FPS) plue whatever priority you have X-Split set to will determine what gets recorded and what does not...meaning that if you have the game yo are playng set to highest or time critical setting then the game gets the clock cycles. 

And if X- Split is set to normal or below normal then it becomes an "afterthought" so to speak...

Might I suggest that you tinker with the settings of both to come to a happy medium. 

I just want to say this as well... you get what you pay for and free does not equate to quality in most cases.

One more not record your games at the same frame rate as the the game is set..the results are horrible.

If you are running the game at 50 cycles(PAL) the record at 30 FPS or 25 FPS.

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I'll post another question in here, and hope you Xsplit wizards find it laugh

How come that XSplit don't connect to some Emulators like:

FUSE (Spectrum)

WinAPE (Amstrad)


Is there a way to make XSplit connect with them?

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No, not if you change how the emulator render the graphics.

I must say i'm MIGHTY impressed with X-Split. Recording at 25 or 30 FPS is no issue as You Tube videos are shown at max 25 FPS.

I have X-Split running all the time, freakin' awesome program.. And who needs to record higher quality then 480p? If i ever need to, i gladly pay like 5 bucks a month for that feature.


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Yes, X-Split is great, and it fullfill my needs aswell laugh

I don't really understand what you mean by "not if you change how the emulator render the graphics"? I have not done anything to the emulator, or what do you mean?

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I'm by no means any expert, but i assume X-Split can't record some emulators due to the fact they use odd/old/weird rendering methods. Some use Direct Draw, OpenGL etc etc..

X-Split, AND lots of other screen capture programs (like Fraps) can't capture from some of these graphics renders.

In some emulators there's an option to switch between different renders.

Yeah.. I think that's it. laugh

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@Sixx: Ok, I'll have to experiment with these emulators :-)
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