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i only need one more vote -- a yes or no doesn't matter - it will go through as legit. given i made this score months ago it is hard for me to go back in time and do this :) it has also been peer reviewed at Twin Galaxies so that should be more than enough evidence :) 

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-07-12 21:16:41   Reply
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7 laps through the game, played on original hardware.

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-07-10 06:16:01   Reply
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Twin Galaxies

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-06-26 17:17:29   Reply
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thanks for the votes :)

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-14 18:02:44   Reply
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kinda fun to play on middle road, usually i play on hard way (100k+)

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-14 04:53:57   Reply
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TG verified score as well

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-13 06:48:01   Reply
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run starts at about 2:05 after a couple restarts. 5k possible i reckon on this event

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-13 06:47:36   Reply
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boot up/proof at start of video (PAL version this time). Legitimately win tile game starting 4:30, thus earning a new bike, the run is straight after. have hit 152k previously, but not on film. my NTSC run is slightly higher but it's a heavy file to upload. TG verified score

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-13 05:55:53   Reply
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run begins at about 4:30. another veified TG score. I've hit over 150k with the improved reflexes but don't have it on tape :/

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-13 03:58:38   Reply
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yup, just surf near the curl and in the barrel, you still have to move around though, if you flatline (or just move straight) you won't score as high, but it is one of the easiest max-outs you're likely to achieve (cannot get higher than a 9.0 on SMS version)

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-12 02:27:09   Reply
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run begins at 3:20. verified score on TG. In the rules it says no continues, i'm not sure restarting a run counts as a continue so if not please let me know

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-05-11 19:31:58   Reply
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great score

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-04-24 04:20:08   Reply
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thought while i'm here i might see to put a few of my California Games scores up. i have video of both PAL and NTSC scores for this game. 1530 is currently believed to be the max-out score. This is the verified high score currently on twin galaxies and vgr

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-04-14 07:50:10   Reply
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i realise my last submission was a bit of a mess.

here is a new submission and high score, with full corresponding video (boot up and shutdown, the run begins around 12min mark).

Also regarding the tactics, it was actually recognised, and encouraged, by the game's publishers rgcd at time of release (see red underlined text).

Thanks for watching

-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-04-13 17:12:42   Reply
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Greetings High Score gamers and affiliates


Please find included here a taped run of 23k for C64anabalt, in support of my submission for 24819. I am hoping voters can take a slight leap of faith in knowing that if I can hit 23000, I can certainly hit 24000. (The actual run starts a minute into the video)


Both scores are outdated anyway: In owning the cartridge for four days now, I have previously hit 28k (and was glitched out! gahhh!). I cannot seem to play the emulator version on my computer so this is my first exposure to playing the Paul Koller (official) version, and it’s fair to say I love it. I have reached 20k+ four times now: a 28 (photo proof), 24 (photo proof), this taped run of 23 and a 20 which I filmed but deleted. Be rest assured that I will continue to grind this game and will be filming every session from now on.


The reason I have changed screens from my Commodore monitor to a Digi TV for this run is simply for ease of viewing. I realise I am new here. I go by my actual name of John Riddell on TG and VGR and have never had a problem for score submission there. Also, had I known about being able to reach these scores earlier I would have started filming earlier.


Lastly, I realise there may be a few retro gamers that take exception to my methods (which I have since seen others use for this version of the game to an extent, which I did want to keep under my hat), which is basically not allowing the game to get to a high speed. This is by hitting the occasional obstacle to keep the speed nominal. There is no nastiness going on here, just a tactic to play the game in a way to ensure a high score. Slow and steady wins the race for some (going too slow will also ensure a quick death) but as a previous cross country runner myself, an old timer once told me ‘you don’t win a marathon by sprinting the whole way’



-- Posted by Riddler on 2020-04-03 19:24:01   Reply