Mortal Kombat (Arcade)

Score: 24,356,000
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: Stryker (TOJ)
96% Legit
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Score achieved on 14NOV2018. Not only a world record but a PERFECT game. Meaning all double flawless victories achieved and flawless victory schieved for Shang Tsung. Dip switch settings, difficulty setting and machine internals shown at end of video.

-- Posted by Stryker on 2018-11-19 19:05:00   Reply
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@Stryker: Well done. Nice one. Yes here. I love Mortal Kombat!!!
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2018-11-19 23:13:26   Reply
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Yes vote! ... Great score! 

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2018-11-19 23:28:17   Reply
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Yes vote from me yes

-- Posted by Bamse on 2018-11-20 02:46:11   Reply
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-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2018-12-04 17:24:54   Reply