Gunsmoke (NES/Famicom Emulated)

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Scored By: AkinNahtanoj (JON)
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Gunsmoke 762,450 points
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Score shows at the end of video. Yes. I looped, and looped, and looped, because you know what? This is a high score hunt. Not a speedrun ;)

-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-11 08:24:12   Reply
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-- Posted by Rickster8 on 2020-09-11 08:47:44   Reply
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Yes vote.

Can I ask, have you already voted on my arkanoid and Fright night scores? If so thanks, if not then would you mind as I only need 1 more vote on each.

-- Posted by Zeus1 on 2020-09-11 08:49:45   Reply
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Yes :). I've voted every score there is. I start and end each day voting, so I don't miss anyone. (Yeah, I'm obsessed with this community)

-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-11 08:55:55   Reply
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YES vote here yes

-- Posted by JES on 2020-09-11 11:19:29   Reply
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Yes !!!

-- Posted by RoniWorlds on 2020-09-11 15:00:44   Reply
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Awesome score! YES
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2020-09-11 15:35:16   Reply
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Yes on all

-- Posted by Larquey on 2020-09-14 01:56:32   Reply
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One of my favs! Very good score, voted yes.

-- Posted by LuigiRuffolo on 2020-10-19 09:02:14   Reply