Outrun (Sega Master System Emulated)

Score: 3,980,380
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Scored By: AkinNahtanoj (JON)
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Outrun 3,980,380 points
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Video works. Score shows at 15:51

-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-18 04:32:25   Reply
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Hi, I see you're playing mainly on emulators. Try this site in combination:


It gives you achievements features whilst playing your game. I am on it too and some other HS players.

-- Posted by GTibel on 2020-09-18 04:52:41   Reply
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good yes

-- Posted by 4kizan on 2020-09-18 10:27:06   Reply
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-- Posted by JES on 2020-09-18 10:42:28   Reply
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Yes on all

-- Posted by Larquey on 2020-09-20 07:04:25   Reply
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Yeah. I did JES :), but it wasn't top score, so... I've got my eye on Wonder Boy in Monster Land for the moment. I'll see if I'm going for your score. 

-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-21 02:24:45   Reply
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-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-21 02:24:53   Reply
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-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-21 02:25:03   Reply
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I checked it out. Looks fun. But I'm not an achievment typo-o-guy. Maybe I'll look in to it later. Thanks for the tip though. Always interesting checking out stuff that has something to do with retro gaming. 

-- Posted by AkinNahtanoj on 2020-09-21 02:26:47   Reply
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Bad news brother... wink

-- Posted by JES on 2020-09-24 20:56:18   Reply