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World Ranking: 1
Scored By: thedarkbanshee (AFG)
96% Legit
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interesting idea, I was curious about that.  I wonder if it gets any harder from level 17?

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2014-06-29 00:11:24   Reply
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Great music.

-- Posted by Sixx on 2014-06-29 03:59:44   Reply
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ITseemed after the boxes level to get easy but then it all of a suddon got hard. I'm not really sure.

-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2014-06-29 10:47:57   Reply
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The music is awsome untill it gets anoying out of repeating its self.  I'm going to make a vlog on this title upon how to play super smash brothers or tag on this game. It was something me and my oldest brother used to play for hours.

-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2014-06-29 10:56:23   Reply
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This game show ABSOLUTLY NO SCORE. It is clearly explained in the video if you use auido in my own voice that this score is how many levels passed with out death in a row. If you want not take the time to listen and watch a 12 minit video to see for yoursewlf that I pass a total of 17 rounds. DO NOT VOTE JUST SKIP. If you can not count DO NOT VOTE JUST SKIP. This is not to be condensending. I put this out there because It is a fact. It is impossible to see a score you have to observe the score and count in your head or listyen as I count on video threw more then half of it.

-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2014-07-03 23:42:38   Reply