Parsec (TI 99/4A)

Score: 14,400
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: jfetzer (JDF)
96% Legit
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Parsec 14,400 points
Parsec 14,400 points
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nice to finally se what that thing looks like :)

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2014-07-01 05:20:08   Reply
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Yep thats the 99
-- Posted by jfetzer on 2014-07-01 05:26:24   Reply
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@S.BAZ: I now have this system and game I should start posting ti-99\4A games
-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2019-09-30 17:46:39   Reply
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yeah, I have a few games and a controller but unfortunately have never encountered a system.

BTW, good points you made in that thread about the removal button!

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2019-10-08 22:11:53   Reply
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@S.BAZ: Thanks for the complement. I have always fought to keep this site honest and now that Twin Galaxies has tirned i to a laughing stock it can possibly put highscore on the map if things are done right. Jace Hall (Current owner of Twin Galaxies) Personally insulted me which is though to do as I do not easily get insulted. The guy is as cheap as Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell qith an ego the size of a mountain. How do I know this because he challenged the world to a game a Kaboom! I accepted and he backed out with a few exange of e mails between us all while comming to my home town to out beat random people at a mall with out even notifying me and then boasting about how not a single person could beat him. Anyways enough if that on about the Ti/99 4A you can find lots on ebay or etsy and I got mine at because generally I xan get the items cheaper there then I can ebay or etsy.
-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2019-10-09 12:56:49   Reply
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I see...

unfortunately I have a problem with paypal for the past few years & also a problem with finances.  These days I'm pretty much limited to garage sales and trading at the flea market, and also trading duplicate games in at the nearby game store.  (which is how I recently got a Sega Saturn).  On the bright side, I have a pretty hilarious collection already, so I can't really complain. 

Well that guy sounds like an ass.

TG is just too damn unwieldy for me.  Not to mention the drama.  Just doesn't seem like a fun site.  I only use it to look up records that they have for reference sometimes.  I do really like wolf's MAME tournaments though.  I try to participate in those when I have the time.

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2019-10-10 22:14:17   Reply
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BTW, as for keeping the site honest... you've always worked for that I know!  & glad to see you're still around.  I think most users don't really get the point about voting, even if they like the site & use it a lot.  

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2019-10-10 22:28:21   Reply
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@S.BAZ: Yes I thank you for that espesually when you were always on my side rather then warming up to my ides down the road. You read my posts for what they were rather then reading betwwen the lines as other have asuming I was attacking everyone. You saw what I envisioned from the start . many of times you backed me up though you were always nicer about it then me. You got a way with words that pulled people together. I got a way with words too that pisses people off and yet we both had the exact same message. Only a few very few times were we ever in disagreement. Half the time I felt you were stealing the words from me before I could even post it up. We think alike brother.
-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2019-10-11 03:28:48   Reply