Penguin Wars (Game Boy)

Score: 2,105,500
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: thegamer1185
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Penguin Wars 2,105,500 points
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Full run uploaded to Twin Galaxies. Here is the link.

-- Posted by thegamer1185 on 2022-03-24 19:58:25   Reply
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Wow great score!

I'm curious, can't you put the video here?  I don't want to keep going over to other sites just to vote here.  This site is set up to allow users to verify scores without having to do that.

I'm happy to vote yes with picture-only evidence a lot of the time but you have really excellent scores.  I would like to see a video before voting yes on scores as good as this.

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2022-04-02 21:17:40   Reply
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As the video is hosted at Twin Galaxies, the poster would have to upload it to YouTube too. Clicking a link isn't much work for me. I voted yes.

-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-04-16 08:05:33   Reply
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It's also worth pointing out that embedded YouTube videos here do not work on Safari on iOS, so I have to use a computer to look at them. This is WAY more inconvenient than going to Twin Galaxies to watch a video.

-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-04-16 08:10:46   Reply