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World Ranking: 1
Scored By: rapetou33 (OLI)
88% Legit
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Vector Pilot: Normal 203,800 points
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Some people ask for videos haha !  I think that's a bit exagerated. My high scores are not that marvellous and are not the best ones even recorded on the site. I upload these to challenge for fun and i play for fun. All my scores are already recorded on an other site dedicated to Vectrex and are agreed by the vectrex community.. I just give this site a try.

-- Posted by rapetou33 on 2014-07-07 13:10:24   Reply
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I think the more validation you have for your score, the better.  As the Russian proverb says say, "???????, ?? ????????".  Platform used, settings, recordings, live feeds, on site witnesses, screen shots, play methods, drug testing, and player livelihood  status  all help to frame a reported score in a particular context and classification for fair and equal comparison.

I think we mostly have a better community in the people who buy, play, and build Vectrex related items.   You among those that are trusted.

With any trust comes the eventuality that someone will try to take advantage of the trust.  The more verification a score has means the less likelihood a score might be reviewed as possibly invalid at some point in the future, or a possible need to reclassify the score into a new group.  

I welcome all the details and verification methods that can be supported on a score reporting platform and count none of them as trivial or unneeded

-- Posted by Vectrexer on 2014-07-08 11:39:11   Reply