Asteroids: Fast/Flip Over/No Bounce (Atari 400/800/XL/XE Emulated)

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Copied from another comment: 

The F button allows you to turn on Fast Asteroids, the B button turns on and off Bounce, and the F4 key (at least for me) changes the main mode. F2 is what I use to start the game, and then it's arrow keys and a fire button. 

I do remap the fire button from the default RIGHT CTRL over to a button on my G13 speedpad so I can play two-handed, more of a comfort thing. You can use a joystick but it really doesn't let you "map" in the traditional sense. Tried using a fightstick I had for an arcade feel, but the button I'd actually want to use for FIRE actually paused the emulator! 

MESS is also an option for this if you want to customize the controls a little more finely. 

BTW, I 'm more than happy to send the cartridge file I used around, just PM me. 

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