Xenophobe (Atari Lynx)

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Xenophobe 80,025 points
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Looking at your Lynx photos is making me want to get one of these.

-- Posted by Serious on 2014-11-27 11:47:43   Reply
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@Serious I've really fallen back into my Lynx from putting scores up here, it's a brilliant handheld! I ordered super skweek for it off ebay today, i had it for the gamegear years ago but it was called slider in europe. I plan on picking up a few more games soon and its thanks to you for getting me playing more regularly! Well worth getting a lynx if you can get one thats working, have you seen the post on atariage in the lynx section, someone is making a multicart for it, if it happens i'll be all over it!
-- Posted by Fr0st on 2014-11-27 11:54:51   Reply