Missile Command (Game Boy)

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Missile Command 35,430 points
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Played on the gamecube gameboy player.
-- Posted by Fr0st on 2014-12-20 16:46:22   Reply
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Sorry, I'm no expert, but shouldn't that go into emulation?

-- Posted by Frankie on 2014-12-29 11:55:55   Reply
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@Frankie: Why would it be in emulation? Its a gameboy cart being played on the gameboy player. Another example, should gamecube discs played on the wii be under emulation? Or 2600 games played on a 7800? Or gameboy games that are played on a gameboy advance? Etc
-- Posted by Fr0st on 2014-12-29 13:23:30   Reply
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As said, no expert, it just sounded like emulation to me smiley

-- Posted by Frankie on 2014-12-29 13:26:34   Reply
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@Frankie: no worries! But the answer would be 'no' :-)
-- Posted by Fr0st on 2014-12-29 13:35:25   Reply