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if i knew how to post a video i would gladly do so. can i do it with my laptop? do i need a camera with a videorecoreder (my camera is old). do i need a new camera?

not sure what to do and its probably too complicated to explain through a message such as this. maybe somebody could send me a referall site or is there something on youtube that might explain it?

p.s. i love night stalker, i get an adrenaline rush from a good game. 

-- Posted by jersh on 2015-05-11 23:39:16   Reply
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For emus i use XSplit or OBS. With OBS you have .flv files which are really good and low in MB. Ideal to upload on Youtube.

For the real stuff, for me a photo is ok. I do know that some of the users here have a video capture card sitting between the console and the PC/Laptop. But I guess this comes at a cost :)

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-- Posted by GTibel on 2015-05-12 01:55:12   Reply
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video capture card, i'll look into that, thanks!

-- Posted by jersh on 2015-05-12 03:05:39   Reply
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I just got a capture card for my consoles but before that I was using a smart phone camera. I us a tube catcher for recording emulation, it's a free program. Feel free to ask me any questions about it, I'm no expert but I know how do video to youtube.
-- Posted by derek on 2015-05-12 07:44:06   Reply
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is the capture card expensive?

-- Posted by jersh on 2015-05-12 23:20:51   Reply