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Pinball Arcade: Arabian Knights 19,739,080 points
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I'm on a pinball kick!  I've found Pinball FX2 for Android, I've found Pinball Arcade for Android, and I now have Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX2 for Steam on my PC.  I really am going to go broke buying these tables!  Because I know once I buy tables for one device I'm going to have to have them on the others.  That's where they get you!  It's a conspiracy. LOL

-- Posted by kamakazi20012 on 2015-06-12 15:11:07   Reply
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Wait for the summer sales on steam wink

-- Posted by GTibel on 2015-06-12 15:47:21   Reply
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You and me both! I of course the Pinball Hall of Fame releases for the PS2, PSP, GameCube, and Xbox. They have improved on things since with the Pinball Arcade series of tables.

Voting YES!

-- Posted by Mark on 2015-06-13 00:48:31   Reply
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I love pinball video games!  I also have a GameCube which only has Metroid Prime at the moment.  It's the only reason I bought a GameCube in the first place LOL.  I am looking for the Pinball Hall Of Fame for the XBOX and GameCube.  I really like the Pinball Arcade.  I've tested some other tables.  I found Bride of Pin*Bot hilarious.  "Now I can talk."  Pin*Bot's voice, "Oh no."  Priceless.


Thanks for the votes!

-- Posted by kamakazi20012 on 2015-06-13 02:28:40   Reply
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Metroid Prime was my first game cube game too.

that was about 2 years ago, now I have a handful of titles for it.

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2015-06-21 17:38:05   Reply