Dig Dug II (NES/Famicom Emulated)

Score: 99,500
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: Kane1234 (KAN)
80% Legit
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Dig Dug II 99,500 points
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You've put up what appear to be pretty high scores and some of them don't look like there doing good in voting with screenshots, have you considered doing at least a few videos?

-- Posted by derek on 2015-12-23 15:00:21   Reply
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-- Posted by Kane1234 on 2015-12-23 18:40:24   Reply
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It's okay if a score does not have a video, you don't have to do videos as evidence. 

-- Posted by Kane1234 on 2015-12-23 18:52:48   Reply
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If I have time, mabey I can consider doing videos.

-- Posted by Kane1234 on 2015-12-23 18:58:11   Reply
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It's not required but it is the strongest  evidence you can provide, but at least if you provide videos on at least some of your higher scores then you will have a better reputation IMO and have better luck with high scores and screenshots only. 

You have a few scores that are looking like they might not get enough votes to go legit currently.  On different, point farming/leeching on games is not well received by most voters here. ( not saying that was done on this score but just saying it as a general statement)smiley

-- Posted by derek on 2015-12-23 19:37:23   Reply