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Ms. Pac-Man [Tengen] [On/ Normal/ Strange/ Level 1 Start] 423,210 points
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1) Fast Forward (Framaskip) feature used on Virtual NES Emulator at the moment I completed a stage (transition between levels) and I lost a Ms. Pac-Man (transition between lives). Also, I skipped the intermissions by pressing Start button (Enter key), because I was IN A HURRY!

2) The following bonus items which appear on Strange Maze exclusively are: Milk (3000), Ice-Cream (4000), Shoes (6000), Star (7000), Hand (8000), Ring (9000) and Flower (10000). After Level 14, the bonus items are random and can be: Milk, Ice-Cream, Banana, Shoes, Star, Hand, Ring and Flower, on NES / Famicom platform.

-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2016-01-15 16:48:11   Reply