Pac-Man (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

Score: 61,755
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: emmbo (EMM)
92% Legit
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Pac-Man 61,755 points
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dug my old tv out then had me a good old game of pacman. forgot how long a game could go on for smiley

-- Posted by emmbo on 2016-04-09 12:18:15   Reply
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great score!  yes

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2016-04-11 19:34:36   Reply
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Thanx, you made me work hard to get it mind smiley

-- Posted by emmbo on 2016-04-12 00:31:44   Reply
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Which game setting, game 1?

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2016-04-14 18:38:19   Reply
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yes just turned on and started game, game 1, difficulty novice/b

-- Posted by emmbo on 2016-04-15 09:15:10   Reply
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You've got my yes vote, thanks!

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2016-04-16 15:36:26   Reply
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Thanks smiley

-- Posted by emmbo on 2016-04-17 00:03:06   Reply