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Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns 154,938 points
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154938 is my score at the end of the first world, the score that I'm claiming for the first world. The blue door to the left of Pitfall! Harry, is the door to the second world.  The scoreboard is partitioned with world 1 to the left and score to the right (not scene in the first picture) is the total accumlated score between world 1 and world 2.  

Adventurer's Edition[edit]

The Atari 5200 and Atari 8-bit versions, called the Adventurer's Edition on their title screens, are special because of the unique additional content. The programmers who were porting the game to the Commodore 64 and the two Atari platforms took two different approaches to the task. While Tim Shotter rewrote the code from scratch for the Commodore version, Mike Lorenzen, the Atari version designer, reused David Crane's code from the 2600 version. This approach shortened the debugging process, allowing Lorenzen to add an entirely new level to the game, that would be playable after the initial game was finished.[1]

Marketing would not allow the two versions to be different, and demanded that the additional game be stripped from the Atari version. Instead, Brad Fregger, the producer, and the designers decided to leave it in and make it an easter egg.[citation needed]

The new level was more complex and, in many ways, more challenging than the original one. The new challenges include a set of new creatures: rabid bats, which fly in a more erratic pattern and reverse directions upon reaching the end of the screen (they also do not appear for several seconds after reaching the screen, thereby "surprising" the player); frogs that traverse the entire horizontal screen and follow Harry, rather than simply jumping over a pit; fire ants and piranha fish, both of which move very fast and are very hard to avoid. Rabid bats can be avoided by jumping as well as slipping under, fire ants must be jumped a total of three times in order to pass a screen containing them, and piranha fish swim randomly in either direction.

Ladders do not just climb from one level to the next, but cover great distances without connecting to all levels they pass, thereby making reaching certain points maze-like. Broken surfaces with numerous gaps make crossing without falling difficult. Some gold bars are accompanied by dangerous creatures that must be avoided in order to collect the treasure.

The mission in the second cave is to collect four props: a rope, a pot, a trumpet, and a snake charmer. After each of these is collected, it is transferred to a certain platform, where if visited the words "CHARMING THE GOLDEN ROPE IS PITFALL HARRY'S ONLY HOPE" scroll across the bottom of the screen. If reached after all four items are collected, the snake charmer plays the trumpet, and the rope rises up from the pot. This allows Harry to reach the ground level, and the game is won.

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The extra info that I provided was from Wikipedia.

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So there is another level on the 5200!

I might have to give this a go!

Good score!

-- Posted by nads on 2016-04-20 23:23:03   Reply
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Yes, there is another game!  Pretty cool, huh?  

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I hope we can have another highscore listing for Pitfall II too.  Maybe Pitfall II Level II?

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Great idea!

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