Jaws (NES/Famicom Emulated)

Score: 238,820
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: Mara (MAR)
96% Legit
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While this is pretty good score, I'm very confused about the part where you are supposed to finish Jaws. How are you supposed to kill him exactly? While killing Jaws is not very good idea for score gaining reasons, I managed to mess up that part multiple times during this run and I don't know what to think about that.

Also this game is RSI simulator. Why didn't they include autofire in this game? rip me

-- Posted by Mara on 2017-01-20 01:28:17   Reply
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To kill Jaws, you need to align the wooden pole in the center with him and stab him in the neck when you get him to jump out of the water (you press A on the NES control to make him jump and then you press B and UP to stab him).

You know what sucks, though?  I don't know if you get bonus points for killing him at all, because when you kill him, the game NEVER shows you the final score and it is stuck at the THE END screen.  The only way to see your score in this game is to play the game or get a game over by getting killed; you cannot see a score after killing Jaws.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2017-01-20 03:18:36   Reply
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I guess I am lucky for not hitting Jaws then. Kind of weird not to have the final score in the ending screen. Still, I'm fairly sure I stabbed him perfectly but who knows if I just mistimed it badly.

-- Posted by Mara on 2017-01-20 04:23:26   Reply
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I watched your video again to see how close you were to hitting Jaws with the pole.  Close to the 17-minute mark of the video, you successfully aligned him with the pole and then made him jump out of the water; however, you were a tad late in making the stab.

Another thing to consider:  if you let him get too close to the pole, even timing the stab properly won't work because if he's too close, he's technically under it rather than in front of it.  Around the 17-minute mark in this video, you lined him up perfectly but were late in making the stab.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2017-01-21 04:37:17   Reply
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Mara, I decided to play JAWS and double-check to see if you can get a bonus for killing him, and I got my answer...

At the THE END screen after you beat the game, you have to wait quite a while!  When the music stops playing, you press start and the game indeed does start over (it's a long wait for the music to end first).  When you start the game over, it shows you startinga  new game and a high score.  You do NOT get any bonus points for killing Jaws at all, sadly.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2017-01-22 04:47:48   Reply