Galaxian (Arcade)

Score: 15,600
World Ranking: 4
Scored By: DakotaKid (Kid)
100% Legit
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Galaxian 15,600 points
Galaxian 15,600 points
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First vote yes...
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-05-04 13:20:01   Reply
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Thanks!  I was 900 points away on getting the next rank, here at  However, I did not feel like playing the game again.

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2017-05-04 13:26:04   Reply
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YES vote here

which arcade are you at they have some great machines


-- Posted by Ivanstorm1973 on 2017-05-04 13:31:27   Reply
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Sorry, I don't like the big brother thing we have these days, cameras & audio recordings everywhere, no privacy on the Internet, etc.  I'm not going to make their (big brother) job easier.  

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2017-05-04 14:44:57   Reply