Super Bee (Odyssey 2 / Videopac)

Score: 1,670
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: rafael
88% Legit
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Super Bee 1,670 points
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Played on variation "0"

-- Posted by rafael on 2017-09-09 07:06:26   Reply
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That's a problem if the other players didn't do that sad

Maybe you should ask all variations to be added, and then this one can be stay as [Any Variation] smiley

Voting Yes of course.

-- Posted by Frankie on 2017-09-10 01:37:42   Reply
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I asked for that days ago, but I had no reply. Levels on Super Bee are kind of weird. Variation 0 is harder than variation1, since on the variation 1 the maze start clean all the time, so potentially you can make much more points on var1 than in var0, so perhaps it is not fair to put it in the category any variation.wink

-- Posted by rafael on 2017-09-10 10:46:36   Reply