Depth Charge (Odyssey 2 / Videopac)

Score: 55
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: darrin9999 (DAR)
100% Legit
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Depth Charge 55 points
Depth Charge 55 points
Depth Charge 55 points
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Lets see if you beat me, if yes, then the game is entered falsely, as lowest score should be on top. Nothing surprises me at this site anymore, so I would not be surprised if it was entered badly sad

-- Posted by Frankie on 2018-02-03 15:11:51   Reply
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I was thinking the same thing, should be lowest score wins. we will find out.

-- Posted by darrin9999 on 2018-02-03 15:18:31   Reply
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@Frankie: Looks like it is correct!
-- Posted by darrin9999 on 2018-02-06 21:01:54   Reply
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Yeah, great smiley

-- Posted by Frankie on 2018-02-06 22:16:08   Reply