Skyway (TI 99/4A)

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Scored By: 8bitDeity (OSM)
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Skyway 1,031 points
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...and another one! wink First yes vote! yes

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2018-05-04 02:24:26   Reply
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@RetroRob: Thanks, by the way it was kind of hard for me to take the picure because the game resets immediately after you lose which removes the score, Flappy bird has the same problem but a larger degree because it resets faster, reason for which I couldn't take a picture of my score for that game.
-- Posted by 8bitDeity on 2018-05-04 02:40:53   Reply
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I know what you mean! At present I try to get a decent score from SNES Super Star Wars, but the highscore is not displayed after losing the last life. So I try to capture the score whilst on my last with the risk of losing it in the process! wink

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2018-05-04 03:24:26   Reply
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I hate it when games reset the score like that. Anyway, YES vote! yes

-- Posted by Mark on 2018-05-05 00:33:39   Reply