Bubble Bobble (Game Boy)

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Bubble Bobble 214,700 points
Bubble Bobble 214,700 points
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-- Posted by Mark on 2018-09-25 23:43:55   Reply
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@Mark: Let me tell you about this one: This game was glitching like crazy on my GameBoy Pocket. I cleaned it and ran compressed air through it and it just kept cutting out in the middle of the first board--it was also the first time I got a glitched "Nintendo" logo but the game started anyway... but then it cut out in the middle of the first board. Other games work fine on the Pocket, my mind was reeling. So I was about to throw it out when, scanning my mind for any possible solution, I decided that the game must just be too high tech for the old GameBoy Pocket to process. Put it in the GameBoy Color, it loaded and ran fine, and I got my highest score ever.
-- Posted by zerooskul on 2018-09-26 00:07:32   Reply
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I can't see the cartridge naturally, but Bubble Bobble was hardly a late release. It was, however, also ported to the Game Boy Color. Maybe someone switched out the original ROM board. That happened to me once, although it was another GB game. I thought I was buying one game, but the cartridge contained Tetris, which of course is a very common game for the GB.

-- Posted by Mark on 2018-09-26 02:38:12   Reply
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@Mark: I don't know why it worked, I just rationalized it that way. But no, it's just pink and blue monochrome, wouldn't run on the Pocket at all if it were a Color game, it'd present a screen informing me it could only be played on a GameBoy Color. Maybe it's just really sensitive and there's some damage to the Pocket system that other carts aren't encountering. I'll pull out my DMG-01 and check functionality there. Weird that it worked, though.
-- Posted by zerooskul on 2018-09-26 05:33:49   Reply