Score: 112,355
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: Mark (MSH)
92% Legit
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Astrowar / Meteor Defense / Kampf im Asteroiden-Gürtel 112,355 points
Astrowar / Meteor Defense / Kampf im Asteroiden-Gürtel 112,355 points
Astrowar / Meteor Defense / Kampf im Asteroiden-Gürtel 112,355 points
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Meteor Defense; Atari 2600/Emulation; Difficulty Setting: Novice/b. Both Difficulty Switches set for b.

PAL Exclusive

aka Missile War, Astrowar, Astro War, Astro-War, War 2000, etc.

Score improvement. :)

Notes: Playing this game I built-up to 20 Extra Lives multiple times. When you die, especially as you progress further into Meteor Defense, the game starts hitting you with cheap deaths back-to-back. This game also makes the most irritating sounds that the 2600 is capable of producing. The crazy thing is, I like this game.

You will notice in the last photo that I've imported both Meteor Defense (published by Home Vision) and Missile War (published by Golaith). This was in an attempt to find a ROM .bin that would play the game in color. No luck with that I'm affraid.

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-03-15 00:46:01   Reply
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I see you managed a great score! As you spent all your lives it's also the final score. I remember on the Atari 2600 console I managed a peak score of over 100K when the game switched into the fast level. If you manage to stay in you accumulate more points. If you drop out you lose 'em again. I was thrown back and forth between slow and fast and when I was done I ended up under 100K! I will not forget for a long time as this is how I missed out on the national trophy! Well done and yes vote!

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-15 05:44:45   Reply
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Just played this a bit, its pretty tricky in the latter levels.

The Black and white thing would most likely be down to the region of the Game.

I had a look and it seems it was only ever released in PAL format, not NTSC.

Great Score! YES!

-- Posted by nads on 2019-03-15 08:56:44   Reply
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Yes, it's a PAL exclusive. Many PAL games run fine on my emulator, and in color. The only other PAL exclusive to give my emulator problems is Acid Drop. I've bought some PAL 2600 games on eBay (including this one) to see if they will run on my NTSC 7800. On the one hand the TV is HD, so it may not care. However, I'm using an old VHS VCR as a pass-through device, and it might care. I'll just have to wait and see.

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-04-04 22:33:53   Reply