Video Pinball (Atari 2600 Emulated Novice/B Mode)

Score: 586,786
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: RetroRob (ROB)
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Video Pinball 586,786 points
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Emulated by the Atari Flasback 3 device. I was told by the platform's admin S.Baz to post this under Atari 2600 emulated as currently there will be no additions of game requests to the Flashback 3 and its successors. There could be exceptions, such as if the game is unique to the Flashback in some way. However if there is already a score board for the game under emulation it should be posted there. I heard that some of the Flashback scores that are now becoming rather redundant may eventually be joined under emulation when the site is undergoing an update.

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-17 07:20:25   Reply
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Yes from me Rob :)
-- Posted by Bamse on 2019-03-17 11:21:10   Reply
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Cheers mate! :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-17 13:27:21   Reply
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YES on ALL! :)

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-03-18 03:25:44   Reply
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Yes on all
-- Posted by Deebo on 2019-03-20 15:02:51   Reply
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Many thanks, Mark! :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-20 15:42:34   Reply
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Thanks, much appreciated! :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-20 15:42:56   Reply
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Yes on all!

-- Posted by doguhnew on 2019-03-24 01:54:23   Reply
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Many thanks! :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-24 03:43:36   Reply
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-- Posted by ministorm04 on 2019-04-03 15:44:56   Reply
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Thank you! :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-04-04 00:09:49   Reply