Choplifter (Sega Master System Emulated)

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Scored By: Bamse (JAY)
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Choplifter 119,400 points
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You were right Mark, it's a very good port of Choplifter. This level kicks my arse though :D
-- Posted by Bamse on 2019-04-12 14:00:51   Reply
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-- Posted by Bamse on 2019-04-12 14:30:05   Reply
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-- Posted by doguhnew on 2019-04-12 16:12:23   Reply
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-- Posted by Bamse on 2019-04-12 16:55:20   Reply
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Kicks mine too, and I bought my copy when it was new. 

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-04-13 03:51:55   Reply
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I've noticed that you've added a subscriber to your Yourube channel. :) When were you planning on doing the video that we've discussed?

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-04-13 03:53:27   Reply
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YES on ALL! :)

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-04-13 03:53:44   Reply
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Thanks Mark smiley

-- Posted by Bamse on 2019-04-13 04:20:45   Reply
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It should be in the same place as yours is on your page. Just beneath you avitar image. It does, of course, show only the first few trophies. Click on the link that says more... which should be just beneath the first trophy, or in my case badge, as I have two Activision badges. This is unless a score is voted Legit before I can re-organize my case (I check daily to see if it needs doing). I keep it organized by Special first, followed by World, National, State, City, and First.

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-04-13 04:45:41   Reply