The Addams Family (Pinball: 3 Balls)

Score: 70,978,010
World Ranking: 8
Scored By: Nevin (MAN)
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The Addams Family 70,978,010 points
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This machine was at my local arcade, Up-Down ( supplied by Des Moines Pinball (  It's in excellent condition, and has the color DMD upgrade.  It was hard to watch the game since I was watching the DMD so much.  smiley

-- Posted by Nevin on 2014-05-10 10:21:42   Reply
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An Adams in excellent condition is a rare sight these days. Hopefully i'll be able to beat your score tomorrow. wink

-- Posted by Sixx on 2014-05-10 13:39:54   Reply
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Good, I know I can do better.  Raise the bar for me!  smiley

-- Posted by Nevin on 2014-05-11 13:36:24   Reply
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They have all arcade machines and pinballs at freeplay for a small fee on sundays on northern Europe's biggest amusment park for the next couple of sundays, couldn't go today tho but next sunday for sure. Excited to try out the new tables, AC/DC and Metallica too. Unfortunately they don't have any retro games (except for pinball), i think the oldest arcade game they have now is like SEGA Rally.. Sad, they had over 500 arcade machines once.. Those were the days.

-- Posted by Sixx on 2014-05-11 15:21:25   Reply