Score: 119,010
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: DeadThumbGamer (DTG)
84% Legit
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Taito Legends 2: Space Invaders
Taito Legends 2: Space Invaders
Taito Legends 2: Space Invaders
Taito Legends 2: Space Invaders
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default settings “3” Lives Normal/Medium * it’s important to note: Lives & Difficulty can be modified independently from one another. I did not modify game “default” settings. Par Rules of this listing. The following photo evidence has been uploaded to the appropriate database. If there are any discrepancies please skip voting & create a discussion (tab/thread). Either here in the Voting/Comment Serction or in the Discussion Area.

I, theDTG have given considerable thought to my scores placement. Within Taito’s Legends II (PS2) Scores listings/database. Medium & Normal are used synonymously. Which may not be the case depending on the allotted Settings for each available Game. In the nature of fair play & friendly competition. The decision is yours - Later Players 

-- Posted by DeadThumbGamer on 2019-11-10 08:24:34   Reply
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I'm voting yes here also.

-- Posted by doguhnew on 2019-11-10 09:48:49   Reply
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-- Posted by DeadThumbGamer on 2019-11-10 13:27:40   Reply
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Nice! I still need to try this version out... Yes for me.

-- Posted by TurboJoe on 2019-12-02 22:51:29   Reply
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Much appreciated TurboJoe, Peace 

-- Posted by DeadThumbGamer on 2019-12-05 07:23:50   Reply