Star Trek (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

Score: 56,800
World Ranking: 6
Scored By: Commodore72 (C72)
88% Legit
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Star Trek 56,800 points
Star Trek 56,800 points
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Ah, C72 is back beating my score for the state trophy! I think it may be a good time for me to play Star Trek then! wink

Yes vote!

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-11-21 14:25:50   Reply
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Nice looking short-rainbow 2600JR!

-- Posted by MisterVCS on 2019-11-22 00:04:24   Reply
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Yes from me.

-- Posted by doguhnew on 2019-11-22 15:00:19   Reply