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?YES on ALL! :)

I don't have this one. No sound was a bummer.

-- Posted by Mark on 2020-06-07 01:06:21   Reply
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Yeah, I have to mute the sound as it uses the phones mic.

Thanks for the votes Mark smiley

-- Posted by Bamse on 2020-06-07 04:00:55   Reply
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My pleasure. smiley

-- Posted by Mark on 2020-06-07 04:05:13   Reply
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YES vote here!!!

-- Posted by JES on 2020-06-11 10:34:11   Reply
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@JES: Thanks Jes :)
-- Posted by Bamse on 2020-06-11 13:32:46   Reply
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-- Posted by BabofetH on 2020-07-26 04:05:34   Reply