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Awesome Job! I see no possible issue with this submission, but even then, people have voted NO on your submission. The only thing I can think of is that your first 2 posts have given you a "bad rep" and the same people who voted NO on those, did so on this one as well just because they didn't want to "waste their time" with this one as well. Don't worry about those people. This one is the most likely to pass.

1 thing I just thought about as well, is qrspeedruns your Youtube channel? And is it your only channel? Your Mario Kart submission used a different channel.

-- Posted by DarkEonMaster on 2020-02-14 12:02:52   Reply
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Yes they are both my channels, I mainly upload on qrspeedruns now though. I will leave the mario kart scores for now, I still have them on a memory card so i can verify they are mine in a photo if I wanted to.

-- Posted by qr on 2020-02-15 06:38:39   Reply
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Welcome to! Yes on both your submissions!

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2020-02-19 23:13:39   Reply
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Thanks rob smiley

-- Posted by qr on 2020-02-27 12:33:21   Reply
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Not understanding what I just witnessed entirely, but looks legit to me.  Yes votes from me.

-- Posted by DeadZergling on 2020-03-27 22:04:39   Reply