After Burner 2 [aburner2] (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 1,423,490
World Ranking: 4
Scored By: mechafatnick (Na)
96% Legit
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After Burner 2 [aburner2] 1,423,490 points
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Lets try again, shall we? :D


Twitch vid:

-- Posted by mechafatnick on 2017-01-24 14:39:05   Reply
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So I was right about it being a 4 after all.  I know it's just 200 points, but it was 200 points you were entitled to and correctly submitted this time.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2017-01-24 16:07:10   Reply
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heh i was going from the vid rather than the screenshot. Custom fonts have a downside when it comes to legibility

-- Posted by mechafatnick on 2017-01-24 23:52:28   Reply