Green Beret (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 73,500
World Ranking: 9
Scored By: Congslop (DAD)
96% Legit
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Green Beret 73,500 points
Green Beret 73,500 points
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not baad !
-- Posted by FlyingBatWolf15 on 2014-03-30 14:39:48   Reply
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92%? Seriously? How would I have faked this?
-- Posted by Congslop on 2014-03-31 12:40:27   Reply
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I wouldn't take it personally; I have a single downvote on many of my own submissions, so I think some person(s) are just being silly.
-- Posted by Gray on 2014-03-31 18:28:24   Reply
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-- Posted by Congslop on 2014-04-01 00:43:15   Reply