Night Striker [nightstr] (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 6,621,460
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: OlexBetter (OLX)
96% Legit
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The inverted controls mess with me a lot 

-- Posted by OlexBetter on 2018-01-19 20:44:02   Reply
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I try never to play like that, I get super confused, lol!
-- Posted by Pitfall75 on 2018-01-19 21:01:18   Reply
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@Pitfall75: tell me about it haha
-- Posted by OlexBetter on 2018-01-19 23:41:41   Reply
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Yes here

-- Posted by Larquey on 2018-01-20 05:00:27   Reply