Blue Print (Atari 2600)

Score: 1,700
World Ranking: 6
Scored By: killersquirel (mjm)
90% Legit
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Blue Print 1,700 points
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You categorized this as emulated, but it is being played on a television. Can you share what emulator you are using? Or is was this mistakenly categorized as emulation?
-- Posted by Serious on 2013-09-18 20:16:51   Reply
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I meant to categorize this as atari 2600 expert A. This is on a real atari. Can it be moved or deleted?
-- Posted by killersquirel on 2013-09-18 20:20:29   Reply
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This has been moved to the correct category.
-- Posted by Serious on 2013-09-18 20:24:16   Reply