Millipede (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

Score: 768,828
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: ZilchSr (GAR)
100% Legit
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Millipede 768,828 points
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Submitted run begins at 38m 46s.

Performed on 9.2.19
Contains NSFW language.
0:00:08 Diff Sw settings (not used anyway ... no difference between A and B)
0:00:10 Title select
0:00:18 Power on
0:38:46 Start of run
1:12:46 End of run

Run duration: 22m 25s

-- Posted by ZilchSr on 2019-09-29 15:45:37   Reply
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GREAT!  yes

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2019-10-23 20:13:02   Reply
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Thank you!

-- Posted by ZilchSr on 2019-10-26 13:25:50   Reply
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Now that's how you play Millipede! Love this game.  I need to find myself a good working controller. I've been using the retron 77 one and it sucks.  Most of my originals don't work.  What are you using if you don't mind me asking?

-- Posted by mbotelho on 2020-03-18 13:01:52   Reply
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@mbotelho: I usually use a regular OEM CX40, however, on this specific game I *may* have used a Wico.
-- Posted by ZilchSr on 2020-03-18 17:40:52   Reply
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@ZilchSr: Wico trak ball?
-- Posted by mbotelho on 2020-03-22 16:19:10   Reply
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@mbotelho: Nope ... a Wico Command Control ... regular joystick.
-- Posted by ZilchSr on 2020-03-23 16:01:39   Reply