Solaris (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

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Solaris 64,580 points
Solaris 64,580 points
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I don't get how to play this game from the first play. Looks interesting but it's hard to feel where are the enemies. Maybe with practice and some guide reading will help.

-- Posted by rawbits on 2015-02-01 13:41:53   Reply
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This is a guide that I wrote some time ago.  It solves the puzzle of which direction to go and what you're supposed to do when you get there (for the first half of the game).  It really is a fun game (and tough) and knowing which way to go doesn't diminish that.  Here ya go ------


I have my own way of dealing with the blockade screens. I pull the joystick down/left the whole time, so the ship is moving up and left. Then I shoot at an even pace so that there is always one of my shots on the screen. I usually survive unscathed, which is all I'm trying to do on the blockade screen.

Some other things I've found out (since it was all new to me):

When the scanner screen is scrambled, the arrows/numbers on the left of the scanner are invaluable for finding fuel (or whatever is being scanned for). Go in the direction of the arrow and when the arrow changes to an 'X', you're lined up with the fuel. Number '7' is as far away as it gets, Number 5 means almost there.

The enemies can be defeated by superior firepower. When battling on a planet, I try to get head-on with the enemy while I shoot. My shot can destroy the enemy's shot and my follow-up shot takes out the enemy.

On the corridor levels, I tried slowing down, but the steering is less reliable that way. So what I do now is go full speed and start shooting as soon as I'm in the corridor and then work my way into the middle. If the key at the end of the corridor stays in the middle, it's easy to drive through the key, the barrier goes away, and the blasting of enemies continues. Sometimes the key jumps left or right. Moving in the direction of the key as soon as it moves is the only way to still get the key. It can be done regardless of how wide the key goes, but sometimes it's just barely.

When dogfighting, it's important to stay down far enough to keep from running into the enemies. I have the most dogfighting success by being aggressive, trying to get the enemies quick. When I just concentrate on not getting shot, it happens anyhow.

The direction that you move from sector to sector, and what you do when you get there, is critical. The path I take gets me through the first half of the game without ever dealing with a 'Red Screen of Death'. I'm gonna try to describe this path as best I can, hopefully with enough accuracy and detail to get the idea across.

  • From the first screen, go east through the blockade
  • Go up to get the extra guy
  • Exit west and keep going to the next west exit (ignore the rest of Screen 1, except for the enemy at the west exit)
  • Defeat the enemy.
  • Exit west
  • Attack the enemy above the federation planet
  • Land and get fuel. This should be the first fuel stop
  • Defeat the rest of the enemies (except for the blockade to the north), including getting through the corridor
  • Get fuel
  • Exit south
  • Defeat the enemy directly south
  • Wait for the enemy on the other side of the planet to attack the planet and when it does, defend the planet
  • Get fuel
  • Attack the cobra ship enemy. These are the hardest enemies to survive, but if you don't beat them here, you will have to beat them with backward 'Red screen of Death" controls later.
  • Get fuel if you need it
  • Defeat the last enemy on this screen
  • Exit west
  • Go to the blockade square and survive
  • Go back to the last screen and get fuel. You'll have to wait for the wormhole to move, so you might as well fill up.
  • Return to screen you were on. The wormhole should have moved, so go to the corridor. Survive.
  • Exit north
  • Go to the corridor square. Survive.
  • Go up to the extra-guy planet and get the guy. You will exit west.
  • Go to the extra-guy planet and get the guy.
  • Take the wormhole.
  • Go down to the extra-guy planet and get the guy.
  • Land and get the fuel.
  • Leave the federation planet and go back to it.
  • Shoot the fuel.
  • Exit west.
  • Exit north.
  • Take the wormhole.
  • Defeat the enemy.
  • Exit north.
  • Go up to the extra-guy planet and get the guy.
  • Exit south
  • Exit east.

If I told you every step correctly, and you survived, you are now in the first sector of the second half of the game. This screen is as far as I have gotten.

-- Posted by Scrabbler15 on 2015-02-01 18:54:18   Reply
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Quite a strategy guide. I'll have some time to understand all this and pu into practice. Thanks!

-- Posted by rawbits on 2015-02-02 14:18:26   Reply