Super Breakout: Game 7 (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

Score: 2,313
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: thedarkbanshee (AFG)
100% Legit
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this is a OLD video just like my kaboom old off colors video was and they were done on a real atari 2600 threw a tv card on a computer. if needed I can also redo do this like I did my kaboom video
-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2013-09-16 22:58:10   Reply
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I have no reason to doubt your score is legit. If anyone else does I'd sure like to know why.
-- Posted by kamakazi20012 on 2013-09-16 23:27:06   Reply
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well it could look emulated which in my opinion is harder but becides that emulation can be a edited rom. I do not know how but how would anyone know I don't know how. just pointng out the facts even if not in my favor. Anyway I aprecieate your post and the meaning behind it.
-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2013-09-17 01:19:30   Reply
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I'm glad someone pointed out on atariage that this is game 7 known as progressive mode. I do apologize for listing this wrong.
-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2013-09-17 23:12:02   Reply
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The score is now reclassified as Super Breakout: Game 7.
-- Posted by Serious on 2013-09-17 23:16:49   Reply
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-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2013-09-18 00:17:12   Reply