Rampage (Atari 2600 Emulated Novice/B Mode)

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Rampage						 	 250,000 points
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In the 2600 version of Rampage, you start gamaplay with 3 lives, and earn a Bonus Life every 100,000 points. Each time you run out of health bar which appears near the monster name, you lose a life. The game is OVER when you lose all your remaining lives.

In the other versions of Rampage (including Atari 7800, NES and Arcade), the game is OVER when you run out of DAMAGE bar at the first time.

-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2015-03-31 17:11:48   Reply
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At 250,000 points, I decided to comit suicide, because the 2600 version of this game is more boring than the 7800 version.

-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2015-03-31 17:14:38   Reply
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The Atari 2600 version was a good effort, but it just didn't work as well as it could have.

-- Posted by LarcenTyler on 2015-03-31 21:14:01   Reply
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It doesnt look bad for a 2600 game, but I could see it getting very repititive after awhile.

Sometimes SUICIDE is the answerlaugh.

-- Posted by derek on 2015-04-11 21:16:15   Reply