Squeeze Box (Atari 2600 Emulated Expert/A Mode)

Score: 4,170
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: Mark (MSH)
92% Legit
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Squeeze Box 4,170 points
Squeeze Box 4,170 points
Squeeze Box 4,170 points
Squeeze Box 4,170 points
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Squeeze Box; Game 1; Expert. Both Difficulty Switches set for A. Game 1 is the default game here, but the others are here in the database as well.

Notes: I should probably go for a complete U.S. Games/Vidtec set, as I own so many. Not all of the ones that I own on cartridge have I been able to import into EMU7800. But of the ones I have managed to import for emulation so far (final photo). I'm only missing one. Although I only own loose carts, they are in really good condition. Some are on the U.S. Games label, some are on the Vidtec label. Quaker Oats owned U.S. Games. Vidtec was another label used by U.S. Games. Each had their own style of cartridges. Many of their games saw releases on both labels. The ones that I own that I've also managed to import ROM .bin files into EMU7800 are:

  • Picnic (U.S. Games)
  • Piece o' Cake  (U.S. Games)
  • Space Jockey  (Vidtec; w/manual)
  • Sqeeze Box  (U.S. Games; w/manual)
  • Word Zapper  (Vidtec; w/manual)

Quaker Oats was trying to compete against General Mills, who owned Parker Bros. at the time. Quaker Oats didn't fare nearly as well as Parker Bros.

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