Q*Bert: Game 1 (Atari 5200)

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Scored By: kamakazi20012 (MLA)
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Q*Bert: Game 1 18,685 points
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Q*Bert was very well ported to the 5200. I really love the game. A good reason to reactivate the Atari.

Great score anyway :)

-- Posted by twhf2 on 2014-05-05 15:48:10   Reply
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Yea it was.  And the 5200 controllers are not as bad as others claim.  At least I don't think so.  It was, and still is, the first console I've ever owned (since their original release).  And being only 7 years old when I had it, and because it was an Atari which was a huge deal at one time, I learned the controllers on a per game basis.  My controller is in desperate need of an overhaul but it still works.  Q*Bert, while fun, is not my favorite on the 5200 however.  

-- Posted by kamakazi20012 on 2014-05-05 18:30:50   Reply