Score: 5,070
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: iamthefallen1 (F1)
100% Legit
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Armor Attack II [Easy] 5,070 points
Armor Attack II [Easy] 5,070 points
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Since this is easy setting, no video should be desired, but for normal or hard settings, video should be used because the score does not change if you change the settings. 

-- Posted by iamthefallen1 on 2017-10-07 19:23:52   Reply
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Nice score.  I love this game in the arcade and Vectrex, how does this version compare?

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2017-10-15 07:34:29   Reply
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I never played the other versions, so I could not answer that. What I can say is that the controls seem very responsive so I don't feel like I am getting cheap deaths from crappy cpntrols.
-- Posted by iamthefallen1 on 2017-10-15 07:41:25   Reply