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Dark Chambers: Beginner 174,020 points
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For this game It's better to post with video evidence because you don't know what level of difficulty it was played and the game makes it easy to farm points.

That's why I chose "Biginner" (the easiest) and went all way down to level Z, where I stopped. Next time, I plan to record videos for rolling levels back to level A and higher difficulties.

-- Posted by Liduario on 2014-04-18 15:04:14   Reply
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I agree, Alexandre Liduario. Video is the BEST evidence.

Have you ever seen my Dark Chambers video submitted here?

-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2014-04-18 16:47:17   Reply
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Yes, I saw them! I liked the Atari 2600 Dark Chambers and yesterday I received the 7800 cartridge from Mercado Livre.  I like to play in emulators but I think playing with the cartridge and good controllers is much more fun.

After this game, I will try Gauntlet for Nes which I played just a few hours long time ago.

-- Posted by Liduario on 2014-04-18 17:16:39   Reply
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Although I don't know this game myself, I guess there are always going to be games where it's easy to "cheat" a score, if you know what I mean (farming, using more than 1 credit, difficulty settings, etc.) And not everybody is able to make video (I'm not). I think that's where the User Legit Rating comes in handy -- it's pretty obvious that somebody with lots of scores and a high legit rating wouldn't fake the odd random score smiley

-- Posted by Gray on 2014-04-19 06:55:59   Reply