Score: 2,442,950
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: Robotron2084 (RUN)
90% Legit
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Robotron 2084: Intermediate 2,442,950 points
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I see you like this game :)
-- Posted by cncfreak on 2013-10-17 13:17:20   Reply
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Yeah, i named myself after this game. :)
-- Posted by Robotron2084 on 2013-10-17 15:39:46   Reply
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I really love the arcade version. The game produces some of the best sounds of any arcade game ever made. Many Williams pinball machines from that era also use the same sounds, but anything Williams is awesome.
-- Posted by Serious on 2013-10-17 17:51:50   Reply
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I love that game too! my favorite at the arcade. the SNES version is a good remake.
-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2013-10-18 18:40:29   Reply
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To be honest, I will use 2 controllers when I play 7800 Robotron 2084 and submit my scores here. On my Prosystem Emulator, the controller scheme will be the following: Controller 1 (Left) - Arrows to move and Z to fire in the direction the player is moving; Controller 2 (Right) - A, S, D and W to fire in the desired direction (A=Left, S=Down, D=Right and W=Up). Congratulations on your great performance.
-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2014-03-17 10:25:32   Reply