Frogger (Colecovision)

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Frogger 28,020 points
Frogger 28,020 points
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Fast setting.

-- Posted by NorthCoastGamer on 2015-01-02 15:31:50   Reply
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nice one, way to raise the baryes

and crack my trophy no

-- Posted by OriginalGamer on 2015-01-02 15:52:30   Reply
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Plenty more bar raising and trophy cracking for everyone! yes

-- Posted by NorthCoastGamer on 2015-01-02 19:53:25   Reply
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Maybe you should delete this, and resubmit it under:

Frogger [Fast]

Someone probably requested this after your submission, but as you state this is Fast, they should have asked for Slow to be added instead of Fast sad

-- Posted by Frankie on 2015-11-18 05:37:30   Reply