BurgerTime (Colecovision Emulated)

Score: 1,053,250
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: DuggerVideoGames (DVG)
92% Legit
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BurgerTime 1,053,250 points
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Final score is about 20 seconds after the 2 hours and 3 minutes mark (2:03:20).  Decided I was done playing at that point.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2018-02-20 08:01:00   Reply
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@DuggerVideoGames: Dame yna Hamburguesa Tocino y Queso Please.. ha.. Nice Score Dude Congrts!!
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2018-02-20 09:00:19   Reply
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@DuggerVideoGames: Dude, incredible score!
-- Posted by Pjsteele on 2018-02-20 09:12:05   Reply
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Brilliant Play!


-- Posted by nads on 2018-02-20 13:17:05   Reply