Rocket Smash (Commodore 64)

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Rocket Smash 359,455 points
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Don't you have work to do? :)

Are you ready to marathon this game to maintain your top spot?

-- Posted by Sixx on 2014-10-03 06:57:48   Reply
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Work? Nope, it's a public holiday today. :)

Sure, I'm ready when you are! ^^

-- Posted by SHiNjide on 2014-10-03 07:33:25   Reply
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Right, it's the German Unity Day isn't it? Wow.. Time flies..

But Scorpions remain. Hahaha..

OK, when i get my webcam i'm gonna do a 72 hour marathon, live on Twitch. Then you will be SORRY.  laugh

-- Posted by Sixx on 2014-10-03 12:29:28   Reply
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Yeah, we hassel the Hoff today and whistle the wind of change. laugh Could anyone have more style than that? yesheart

I'm looking forward to your gaming marathon! Sure I'm not sorry, I'm excited! laugh

-- Posted by SHiNjide on 2014-10-03 12:50:54   Reply