Wonder Boy (Commodore 64)

Score: 294,680
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: Pessimeister (Bob)
80% Legit
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Wonder Boy 294,680 points
Wonder Boy 294,680 points
Wonder Boy 294,680 points
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Another great childhood favourite. I've been chasing this score on and off since the first time I discovered the site and have come close a few times. I always seem to get to around area 4-5 then start dying in challenging sections where you don't have access to the hammer.

In this game, I managed to make Area 6, Round 3, the furtherest I've ever got on one credit. Pretty happy with the score overall but would have loved to break 300 k. The jump I died on has a bat right on the edge of a landing; where your jumping from sinks all the whille, so you have to react fast. 

I only got to play the game on MAME for the first time last year in one of my first MGL's which was fascinating to see the differences. I still really enjoy the C64 port; would love to 1CC it one day. 

-- Posted by Pessimeister on 2019-12-25 01:20:29   Reply
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Yes vote yes

-- Posted by JES on 2019-12-25 08:32:41   Reply
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Cheers JES!

You should join us in the MGL with playing Satan's Hollow. We need more good schmuppers. :) 

-- Posted by Pessimeister on 2020-01-06 04:26:50   Reply