Balloon Fight (NES/Famicom)

Score: 530,400
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: MatthewFelix (MF)
100% Legit
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No footage of you actually achieving it, eh?  Just footage of you with your NES powered on while what we see on your TV screen is probably a different input displaying your save state from the emulator on your Wii.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2016-07-04 18:27:14   Reply
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Image wouldn't be any different. 

Why?  You think this isn't legit or something? 

-- Posted by MatthewFelix on 2016-07-05 00:20:18   Reply
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I do believe it's legit.  I got 480k myself today and I hadn't played the game in a long time; however, I think it's really shoddy to show an exceptional score such as this with no video of your actual play, especially since youv'e already cheated in Bubble Bobble (in both the emulator and hardware categories) and it's known that you have an emulator (I even know which emulator).

For all those reasons, you should have the burden of really proving yourself with video (especially when it's a great score like this).  Due to your past actions, you're one of the people who don't deserve the benefit of the doubt unless they show it happening.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2016-07-05 00:24:09   Reply
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Hmm. I just viewed that Bubble Bobble NES score. Only a couple of months old those comments. The actual submission was before I joined here.

I thought Matthew was more trustworthy as he is I believe a legit TG player. That Bubble Bobble score should be removed. Players at TG get banned for this....

I could to do the same for 1942 and bam have 10 million completing the last stage.

That's a pity as I believe Matthew is a great player.

I am not playing the moral knight here. And everybody is free to play as he wants...but shouldn't post scores when cheating or using passwords.

-- Posted by GTibel on 2016-07-05 02:48:14   Reply
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Exactly.  He went to great lengths to cheat before, so there's no reason he should ever have the benefit of the doubt without video in the future.  In the emulation category, he cheated by using a password to get to the million-point final boss battle, and he also used TWO PLAYERS.

In the NES hardware category for Bubble Bobble, I guarantee he used his emulator and save states (funny how it's just a picture and no hardware shown in the pic, eh?).  Are we really supposed to believe that a guy who needed to cheat via password and two players in emulation just to get ONE MILLION somehow got over 3 million and beat the game without using a continue on the hardware when there's no pic of the hardware and no video?  Forget about it.  And even if he somehow managed to get that far on the hardware without using a continue, he still cheated via using 2 players.

I guarantee there are many other games he cheated on and we don't know which ones.  Simply put:  he should have extra burden of proving himself via video in the future.  He does not deserve the benefit of the doubt on anything.  He cheated in the past, he defended and tried to rationalize his cheating in his remarks, and he never removed the scores after it was proven he cheated.  So yeah, that is certainly not a trustworthy player.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2016-07-05 03:01:19   Reply
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If I prove Bubble Bobble, that would clear things up?

Even if it doesn't, I'll submit full video evidence for now on.

-- Posted by MatthewFelix on 2016-07-05 23:28:32   Reply
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The scores weren't removed because I can't remove the scores myself.

-- Posted by MatthewFelix on 2016-07-05 23:30:32   Reply
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No, proving Bubble Bobble would not clear things up, because it's already been proven/established that you cheated.  Even worse, you were very flippant when I brought it to your attention that I proved you cheated.  Basically, you don't have my trust and you don't deserve anybody's trust.  You have to go above and beyond on future scores to prove that you didn't cheat in any way.  The burden of proof will be greater for you than for others because you were caught.

This means when you make videos, you should actually show the console itself turning on and the game appearing on the TV screen as the console is turned on (that way we know it's not an emulator on a different input), yourself playing the game (so we know you don't have friends doing it for you), and the game actually being played with the points actually being amassed.  Sounds like a lot?  Tough.  That's what should be demanded of you after you were caught cheating.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2016-07-06 00:35:12   Reply
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You say you can't remove the scores yourself... YEAH, AFTER YOU GOT VOTES YOU NEEDED!  But before you got the votes you needed, you had the ability to remove your scores.  But you didn't care.  You were glad to cheat just to feed your own ego.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2016-07-06 00:38:11   Reply
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@DuggerVideoGames: Now I understand, cheated on bubble bobble ...
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-01-04 00:55:59   Reply